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The Hazelden Foundation is an American non-profit organization based in Center City, Minnesota. Hazelden has alcohol and drug treatment facilities in Minnesota, Oregon, Illinois, Florida, Washington, and New York. It offers assessment and primary residential addiction treatment for adults and youth, including extended care and intermediate care, as well as outpatient treatment, aftercare services and a family program. In February 2014, it merged with the Betty Ford Center to form the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation headquartered in Minnesota.

A former employee of Hazelden wrote this on indeed: I do not recommend working in Hazelden. There is a high turnover. Almost always understaffed. Current management needs improvement. Very unhappy, almost hostile, work environment.


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Certified Medical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I do not recommend working here. There is a high turnover. Almost always understaffed. Current management needs improvement. Very unhappy, almost hostile, work environment"

Senior Clinical Psychologist (Former Employee) says

"This organization is more concerned about paperwork, productivity, money, liability than they are about competent care. DO NOT WORK THERE. YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!"

Management (Former Employee) says

"This company is the most terrible place to work. It is full of uneducated jealous people. Not only does the company lack senior leadership with a brain but they are only about making a buck and themselves. They really don’t care about the patients, they are only about the money. The staff are about themselves and not their coworkers. They are non licensed and non credentialed staff delivering services"

Addiction Technician (Former Employee) says

"This organization was once the place that employees planned on retiring from. Now the turn around is incredibly high for all positions as you can see. They are falsely stating its the best place to work to try to change that image, but don't be fooled, they can't even retain their counselors now. Both the employees and clients are nothing more than numbers."

RN (Former Employee) says

"Managers would often hire their friends for new management positions. The techs are former addicts. They were working under the assumption that they knew more than the nurses about withdrawal medications and what medications to give to the patients. Many patients we're high and out of control during the admission management ignored the dangers of it. Patients were jumping off the balconies and breaking legs Cons: Poor management, patient technicians were in charge not nursing"

Licensed Practical Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Nursing Management shows favoritism, unfair, untrustworthy, tries to cover up issues or terminates staff that try to do right when going to HR. Nursing staff need a Union! Cons: Nursing Management"

Counselor (Current Employee) says

"Many in management positions across the organization are autocratic, micro-managers, who have NO skills to lead positive change. They all talk about "change management" but uses primarily to threaten any employee who questions ANYTHING. Cons: Management"

Receptionist (Current Employee) says

"Very poor leadership. Management cutting staff so drastically it makes being a patient very unsafe at this time. Nursing worried about their licenses being put in jeopardy."

Incoming call management and customer service (Former Employee) says

"they are racist. I don't have anything more. I don't have thing more I work there 2 weeks and that was enough for me. Nothing more nothing more nothing more Cons: Racist"

Secretary (Former Employee) says

"As a former employee I would not go back, even if they paid me double what I was making. Management is horrible and a lot of back stabbing within the facility. At one time it was nice, but as time went on the facility got worse. People have no respect for one another. Cons: No breaks"

Director/Manager/Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"This is a pretty place with beautiful grounds; however, that is it. Cons: Illegal practices."

Admissions Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Management stinks , they are up in Minnesota and have no clue as to what really goes on in the work place . They change managers often and they offer very little support . Cons: Horrible company to work for"

Multiple Positions (Former Employee) says

"First, the workplace culture and employee morale is simply awful. I worked in three separate departments over 4.5 years and none of the departments had a positive culture or morale. Employees simply aren't happy. There has been so much turnover of employees, it's almost laughable. The ones that stay either stay because of a short commute, or have been there for extremely long periods of time. I will say that the employees that work with clients are extremely passionate about what they do and sincerely seem to enjoy the clients and genuinely want to help them succeed in their recovery. Cons: top heavy management, low employee morale, stressful, no job security"

Addiction Medicine Speicalist (Current Employee) says

"A culture of over-work, underpay and no respect. Cons: Poor management"

Maintenance Mechanic III - HVAC Full-Time (Former Employee) says

"All HVAC technicians should consider this place with fine tooth comb before considering this place of employment. Biggest problem is there own management and its employees itself. Its basicly a dog e'dog work place. For the HVAC they will give you totally impossible work assignments on time to complete and so much more....Please brothers and sisters of the trade, don't apply here. Was forced out by fellow workers, trip wires. Cons: the employees are mostly back stabbers, and unfriendly. a dread to go to work."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If you are not a part of senior leadership, you will be treated poorly. Staff in all non-leadership positions (clinical and administrative) are expected to have unrealistic workloads, and there is a culture of intimidation and fear. Cons: toxic work culture"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Certain staff are entitled and resist helping anyone unless they like them. Really thought it would be amazing to work at the oldest treatment center in America but it was nothing different than what other places are doing in the field.... Cons: Distance, entitled staff"

Nope (Former Employee) says

"They say it starts at the top. We never saw the anyone from the 'top' go. But the worker bees that keep the place running were constantly dumped. All of a sudden. No warning. The 'top' meanwhile Cons: Be a yes man and you'll do ok."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"This organization is executive level heavy with the mindset that this level is the only level that matters. Culture is toxic, dishonest and back stabbing."

Houseker (Former Employee) says

"In the past several months a dozen or more positions have been disolved and or encouraged to take early retirement. The ship is sinking and the captains don't even know it."

Former Employee - Addiction Tech says

"I worked at Hazelden Betty Ford full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management will completely make it known if they don't like you. They are about money and never about what will benefit the patients. Lead Techs are the most fake women to your face and back stab you to make themselves look good. You would think a place as amazing as Hazelden the staff being mostly elderly folks that they would be over the high school drama bs would be the last thing you would have to deal with being an employee there. Make sure you are excepted by your peers, well even if you are they are still going to say anything to make you look bad and them look better. Craziest environment Ive ever worked in. Its supposed to be a place of healing and Ive never seen a more corrupt group of senior citizens as cold and twisted as Center City employees."

Former Employee - Registered Nurse says

"I worked at Hazelden Betty Ford full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Nurse Leadership Team play favorites, some favorites get away with a lot. Including Nurse's who create a hostile work environment and bully other Nurses. Treat their patients with disrespect. Nurse Leadership Team needs to actually "lead". Confront Nurse's who don't share the workload, and those who aren't team players."

Former Employee - Addiction Technician says

"I worked at Hazelden Betty Ford full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Misogyny, Discrimination and Abuse: HBFF is a, “ol’ boys club” and there are departments that display that much more so than others. The concern is when these behaviors and actions are reported to HR and/or Supervisor during Rounding they don’t end up being addressed. Despite an anti-retaliation policy it feels like you have a target on your back. You become labeled a trouble-maker because of a refusal to conform to the status quo. Another disturbing trend is the verbal abusive behavior that is dumped on female staff who choose to say silent out of fear and intimidation. HBFF struggles with inclusivity-including LGBTQPIA+ and particularly with transgender folkx. There has been overt transphobic actions by staff. I have witnessed and observed straight up ignorance and willful obtuseness in regards to Black, Latinx, and other non-European descendant groups. It seems as if HBFF will ignore ignore ignore until they get sued. The CEO of HBFF made $657,000 in 2018...just another disgusting example of greed in the non-profit world. I have reported my concerns several times without any legitimate response. Disappointing for sure albeit not surprised."

Current Employee - Nurse says

"I have been working at Hazelden Betty Ford full-time Cons: Nursing managers are disorganized, disinterested, disengaged, dismissive. No leadership and no empowerment. Upper management is either clueless or in denial."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Hazelden Betty Ford full-time for more than 3 years Cons: --Employee engagement scores have been horrible (and staying that way) every year for the past MANY years. While some feedback has stabilized in certain units, employees are widely dissatisfied, and when scores are released every year, there are a few months of focus on "fixing" things, with no REAL change ever happening. Upper management has no idea how to fix what is broken because it's upper management that's broken. --Too much work and not enough investment, so workloads are horrible and there is no way to feel work/life balance. Not uncommon for upper management to EXPECT the average workweek is 50-60 hours and that people are always on. There are divisions that take great pride in people burning the candle at both ends. --For an organization that is supposed to help people "walk the talk" in recovery, I have never seen a bunch of "leaders" who simply refuse to practice what is preached. Leadership is supposed to follow "the Studer Way," and has meetings (mandatory) several times a year to reinforce those practices to staff. And yet leaders at the highest level of the organization don't follow them, and HR doesn't enforce them (this includes "leaders" making unilateral decisions hiring new team members that interviewing teams/committees have said no to) . When non-leaders point that out, they are often put in positions of retribution that essentially force attrition. --Constant distraction by "shiny" things --Leaders who have simply never worked anywhere else, so don't know which end is up and micromanage staff to overcompensate --Complete lack of TRUE strategic plan and execution (though plans and strategy are discussed all the time) --Toxic culture that is discussed and acknowledged all the time, but nothing is ever done about --Meetings, meetings, meetings with no action, leaving little time for actual work --Inability to practice what's core to the mission --Horrible benefits (a wellness organization that offers no REAL wellness benefits? An EAP is really not a super supportive option for "wellness") --Exceptionally little room for mobility and career progression --A known "boys club" --A weird combination of severe turn-over and attrition alongside employees who have been there 15, 20, 25, 30 years who have no other context and think dysfunction is normal. --CONSTANT restructuring: not uncommon to have a different "leader" every year. 3 direct supervisors in three years is a direct example of poor executive management At one point, I didn't even have a supervisor. --No real job descriptions: no one has one, and so no one knows how to actually be accountable. Execs refuse to take the time to write job docs and reconcile them for teams. --As the headline indicates, when an organization is constantly pressing and reviewing on the "emotional resiliency" of employees (rather than trying to fix its culture), people should run. This only indicates that the organization's "mission" is to bleed employees dry, and then replace with staff that's fresh. It's called purposeful churn. Examples: Known discrepancies in salaries in the same departments that are not addressed, jobs suddenly being reorganized and cut down in responsibility but being paid more (without other jobs being balanced as well), and candidates being hired without the appropriate experience, but being paid more than experienced staff. When a person has "resiliency" with those scenarios... --Complete disconnect between operating units creates chaos and resentment, and the entire organization is set up to be a healthcare operation, when many units have a healthcare focus, but are not healthcare operations."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"I worked at Hazelden Betty Ford full-time for less than a year Cons: Has become a place for ineptitude and bureaucracy. Shameful. Management and executives on steering committees seem to be more focused on hiding from view and collecting their bonuses than getting any real work done. Expect to spend a lot of time being unproductive and paying empty compliments to your co-workers."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Hazelden Betty Ford full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Passive aggressive culture, poor financial leadership, senior leadership cares more about looking good than doing good and protecting their bonuses over the right thing. Hypocritical approaches where they publicly advocate for more addiction care access but refuse to participate in Medicaid where they can. They welcome all patients, as long as they can pay - or as long as insurance will pay for their stay. If you are under 40 they won't listen to your ideas."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Hazelden Betty Ford full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Toxic/toxic/toxic work environment. Read family dynamics information from the textbooks, all of this is seen in the work environment. So toxic."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Hazelden Betty Ford full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Extremely toxic workplace. Management is negative, disempowering, condescending. They show no respect for counselors, even though most of their knowledge about addiction is very outdated. In response to negative reviews here, Hazelden HR has posted responses asking to please contact them so they can understand problem - When employee does contact HR, then they begin vicious retaliation, sole purpose to protect management. Most of the best counselors have left - much better places to work now. HR is NOT your friend."

Former Employee - Clinical Case Manager says

"I worked at Hazelden Betty Ford full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Internally the company has laid off half of staff over last few years, those left behind had to keep up with patients cases and long hours into the evening or night. Take advantage off their employees and they expect it since you are on salary. Disconnection between upper management and employee. Higher management have absolutely no clue as to what our jobs were or how to make them better. Simple ideas from employee would be "taken into account" but never validated. At times supervisor would take credit with upper management regarding ideas that were brought forth from people doing the job. Overhauls in the company we're secretive and scary even though we were told of "transparency". Stress of not being able to give our patients best practice due to organizational issues. The patients are the ones suffering !!!! They do NOT get the care that the company bousts about. It's all cookie cutter care as the counselors are unable to spend more than 1 hour a week with the patient 1:1. The mental health department is stretched so much that the patients with clear mental cooccuring disorders are not seen at all. This former employee was unable to be a part of that mess! The people that started Hazelden with the passion of helping others would be rolling over in their grades if they really knew what was going on there. It is a shame because most of us that worked there thought we were joining a place with so much history of restoring hope and healing, just to be overworked and flu to meet the many needs of the patients."